ARMYs Shocked At Insensitive Comments About RM And Jin

ARMYs weren’t happy about the insensitive comments.

BTS stopped by iHeartRadio for an exclusive, livestreamed, interview.

The incredible interview, which even featured a surprise appearance by Halsey, was marred by insensitive comments by some ARMYs in the audience.

About halfway through the interview (30:00 in the YouTube video above), the host posed a question to the crowd–“Which one of the guys is most likely to mess up their dance routines?”

To the shock of ARMYs worldwide, the audience members started shouting out names, with some ARMYs believing that RM and Jin‘s name was being especially mentioned.

The members of BTS laughed off the question, but ARMYs noticed that the members looked uncomfortable. Jungkook put a stop to the mess by saying “We are perfect”.

ARMYs were horrified that the boys were put through such an awkward situation, and trended the hashtag #NamJinBestDancers in support of the boys.

The hashtag quickly went viral, garnering over 297,000 tweets.

Hopefully, the talented kings weren’t affected by these comments and focus on what’s important–making great music and entertaining ARMYs around the world.

Source: Hollywood Life