ARMY’s Trend #Singularity In Light Of BTS’s Comeback, Leaving Everyone Else In The World Confused

#Singularity is now attracting non-ARMYs to check out BTS!

When BTS revealed the “Singularity” teaser, now with over 4 million views, ARMYs began tagging #Singularity on social media and got the rest of the world now actively looking up the boy group and, not so surprisingly, complimenting V on his good looks.


While avid K-Pop followers may have known “Singularity” to be the title of a new song, the rest of the world believed the word to hint at some groundbreaking scientific discovery or possibly “the global regime change”.


As the hashtag continues to trend, more people are actively looking up BTS and what all this could possibly mean.


Of course, the population newer to the idea of BTS are falling in love with V, V’s voice, and nevertheless, V’s face.


Fans are proud of what they have become able to do with a simple hashtag. With the true and pure power of social media, BTS is being promoted all over the world!


If you haven’t hopped on the wagon to hear the latest track yet, come hither.