ARMYs Unite In An Attempt To Send BTS To The MTV Video Music Awards

BTS’s enormous fanbase (ARMY) is banding together once again, and this time they are uniting on Twitter in an attempt to get BTS to the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards.

After BTS’s successful western award show debut earlier this month at the Billboard Music Awards, ARMYs are uniting once again to get the K-Pop group onto a western award stage: the MTV VMAs.

This would make BTS the second K-Pop act after PSY to attend the VMAs and would be the 5th time a K-Pop artist made it onto a western award stage.

The MTV VMAs will take place on August 27 and have yet to announce the performance line-up or nominations. This has given ARMYs some hope that BTS will be able to achieve their desire of performing at an award show.

ARMYs have been trending the hashtags #BTSforVMAs and #BTSVMAs on Twitter for several days now, and have even taken over several polls.

While it is uncertain whether or not ARMYs’ efforts will yield results, some American personalities are already jumping on the bandwagon.

International ARMYs have even been reaching out to Korean ARMYs for support.

Below is just a small sampling of the plethora of Tweets from ARMYs attempting to spread the word of BTS: