Fans Upset Over Horrible Camera Work At The KBS Song Festival

Fans hope they will step up their game.

BTS proved to be world class at the KBS Song Festival with their great passion and energy. They performed five songs and revealed different concepts on stage for their fans.

Unfortunately, an online community voiced their frustration at the camera work for the show. The post was titled, ‘Yet Another Horrible Camera Work For Song Festival’. Posts of fans’ recordings of BTS’s performances began appearing online, revealing just how hard the members performed and danced on stage. Fans were upset that the cameras on the show did not focus on the member’s dancing but rather zoomed away to random sections of the audience instead.




These clips revealed the members dancing their absolute hardest to give ARMYs the best performance possible.





However, the actual broadcast of the show did not reveal any of these parts.





Fans were frustrated that they were not able to see all parts of their performance.

“This is the most I’ve not been able to focus on BTS because of the horrible camera work. Wow the only thing I could hear was breathing sounds, feet sounds, swishing of clothes, their audio is horrible.”




“Are they being serious…why are they filming fans and ARMY bombs and not the members? This is ridiculous…”




“KBS production team…the filming for the show was so choppy. All the artists’ work is for nothing if you don’t even show it correctly. If your going to hold this show again do it at a smaller venue. I usually enjoy the show and watch other groups too but this time…goodness.”



Fans of other groups also voiced their complaints for the unprofessional camera work by KBS.

They hope that production companies would understand how much hard work goes into these performances and focus more on the artists when filming the show.