Aroha Are Remembering ASTRO’s High Note Battle & The Facial Expressions Are Priceless

They threw their idol images away.

While waiting to perform, ASTRO decided to play a round of Hello Cleopatra, a game where each participant repeats the same phrase while raising the pitch of their voice to its highest point.

They started the game off safely by keeping their voices low. Then, Eunwoo was the first to take it seriously.

Jinjin rose to Eunwoo’s challenge, raising the pitch of his voice as high as he could.

Moonbin wouldn’t be bested, so he did what he had to, taking his time to reach the right pitch.

And, Rocky couldn’t help but to join the fun.

They were so determined to win and have fun that they made any facial expression they had to. See their reactions here and prepare your ears before watching the funny Hello Cleopatra battle starting at 4:22.