An Art Critic Bumped Into BTS’s RM And It’s Quite Obvious What Kind Of Conversation They Had

What would you talk about if you met BTS’s RM?

A Twitter post gained attention after a user revealed that his colleague, who is an art critic, met BTS‘s RM while in Hannam-dong. This post garnered a lot of popularity as the art critic was also a huge fan of BTS and had written about them before as well. His article about BTS was published in the July issue of Art World magazine and received praise from many fans.

If you check his Instagram page, you could also see that he had bought tickets to their MAP OF THE SOUL tour and was sad that it was canceled, proving to be a true ARMY.

His Instagram post gave in-depth details on his meeting with RM.

I was feeling stuffy from being at home all day so I decided to take a walk in Hannam-dong when I suddenly bumped into BTS’s RM. I was able to have a conversation for about ten minutes. I was just walking around listening to music when I looked up and saw a familiar-looking person wearing a mask in front of me. I asked if he was BTS’s RM and he said he was and so I was able to have a small conversation with him.

A lot my friends still don’t believe that I met such as world star and also wondered what kind of conversation I held with him and the reality is, we talked mostly about art. He revealed that he was sad that a lot of art museums were closed and so he was quite bored. I recommended him some art galleries that opened recently at Il Min Museum or Space Can and also asked if he knew of any in Eulji-ro. He said he didn’t and so I recommended him some more art spaces and he was surprised to see that there were a lot of smaller art spaces in the area. I also recommended one that was right by Hannam-dong but I’m not sure if he really went there. I also recommended him a propping exhibition but realized it ended the day before. We just spent most of the time talking about art-related things.


He was so immersed in talking about art that reality hit him halfway through the conversation that he was talking with world star RM.

I’ve noticed through BTS’s social media that RM was interested in modern art, and I always wished that if I ever met him in person I would recommend him some contemporary art. I am still shocked that this wish came true today. To be honest, when we first started talking, I talked to him like I was to an old friend, and then about halfway through, I realized that it was BTS’s RM I was talking to and started to stutter. He was also so tall in real life that I had to keep looking up to talk to him, making my neck hurt.
Anyway, it would’ve been hard to recommend each and every exhibit so I let him know some popular accounts that have information on art exhibits and was happy to have introduced him to more contemporary art and new art spaces. If we start to see RM visiting more minor and small art spaces, I hope that people will remember just a little bit that it was due to my efforts.

He also hoped that fans would understand that he didn’t mean any harm and was just so caught off guard by meeting him that he ended up having a conversation with him.

I was so busy recommending him art exhibits that I didn’t even introduce myself. I told him that I was an art critic and wrote about BTS before, but I would be really happy if he would remember me as a somewhat unique art critic named Moon Jung Hyun that won the Se-MA award twice and gave recommendations about contemporary art.

I wish I had a business card to give him but because I am a freelancer I didn’t have any made. It would be a lie to say that I was tempted to ask if he had some sort of private Instagram account. He did look very cautious though and I know I shouldn’t have started a conversation with him but I was just in so much shock that I just chatted with him. I apologize and hope that everyone understands this. Anyway, much love to you RM for riding Noah’s ark and creating new myths.


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RM has always been a kind and respectful person towards everyone who comes up to meet him and it seems as if he gained some new insight about art as well. I guess the next time we see him at a contemporary art exhibit we will know why!