An Artist Painted A Portrait Of Red Velvet’s Seulgi…With Just A Lightstick

He used the lightstick as a paintbrush!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is so gorgeous, she could be a work of art!


So, this artist decided to make art from her beauty, and he made it entirely with Red Velvet’s official lightstick!


The artist is Code Gene Schmitz, one part of the Youtube duo GayPop!


He makes beautiful paintings, and this portrait of Seulgi from the MV of “Psycho” is truly iconic, not just just for how well its made, but for the mode of creation as well!


Code Gene Schmitz has made many painting of K-Pop stars, most notably of the BLACKPINK members:




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New portrait!!! Watch me make it thru my bio

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And Lisa!


Watch him recreate Seulgi’s beauty with the lightstick here!

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