Several Artists Are Expressing Love And Support For Taeyeon’s Newest Album “What Do I Call You?”

Have you listened to Taeyeon’s 4th mini-album “What Do I Call You?”

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s new mini-album What Do I Call You? has captivated many other K-Pop artists. After the release of her album, several artists took to their social media to praise the album. In gratitude, Taeyeon posted a collage of everyone’s SNS support.

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Of course, Taeyeon had the support of her fellow Girls’ Generation Members, especially Yoona and Yuri.

Yoona took to Instagram and posted on her story “The album is pretty, the songs are good, unnie is also so pretty, and the singing is good.”

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Yuri also shared her love for the album and shared a picture that showed she was playing and streaming all of Taeyeon’s new album songs. Along with the screenshot of her streaming all of Taeyeon’s songs, Yuri also wrote “Your music and your voice is a vaccine.”

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Taeyeon’s album also reached non-Girls’ Generation artists. K-Pop star Heize posted to her SNS “I love you” with a screenshot of her playing “Galaxy.”

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Former Wonder Girls member Yubin added to the chain of praise for Taeyeon and posted a screenshot of her listening to Taeyeon’s album. One the screenshot she wrote, “All the songs are good.

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Following What Do I Call You, the album has received nothing but praise and support. Taeyeon and her album have climbed to the top of the charts shortly after its release.

Taeyeon expressed her gratitude and shared a message to her supporters.

Finally, the 4th mini-album came out. Thank you so much for your interest and love as soon as it was released. Thank you to everyone who worked hard and participated. Thank you so much for your hard work. Please listen comfortably.

— Taeyeon

Have you listened to Taeyeon’s 4th mini-album What Do I Call You?

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