Ashley Choi Recalls Being Followed To The Ladies’ Code Dorm By Creepy Man

She was returning to her dorm at night when an unknown man began to follow her.

Through podcast Get Real, alongside her friends KARD‘s BM and BTOB‘s Peniel, former Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi has been spilling the tea about her seven years as an idol.

When BM mentioned the heightened danger for women at night, that prompted him to ask if Ashley carried protection with her. “There is some crazy stuff that happens at night to girls. Definitely more vulnerable at night. You got pepper spray?

That’s when Ashley confirmed that she did and revealed the reason why. An unknown man once followed her home, “I actually bought it because there was a man that followed me to my dorm.” Upon hearing that, Peniel and BM were thoroughly shocked, shouting “What!

Fortunately, Ashley hadn’t been living alone at the time of the scary event. She lived in a dorm and was returning to her members, “I went to the gym, and then I was going home. This was when I lived with Sojung and Zuny.

Even though it took place years ago, Ashley still remembered the man’s appearance. Though his hair was wild and covered by a hat, it was the suitcase that she found strange. “He looked very messy, and he had a suitcase. And he was wearing a hat. Then, he followed me [to the door where I put the password in the keypad] and I go in.

Since anyone would be startled by a stranger approaching them at night, Ashley asked him what was going on, “So, he was right in front of the door. And, I was like, ‘Ajusshi, what’s wrong with you!‘”

Scaring Ashley even more, the man creepily didn’t give a clear response, “I don’t even know what he said… for a split second, I was like, ‘What the hell do I do? What if I try to go in and he follows us in, and he kills us all?’ Or like, do I have to kick him?

She soon came up with a quick way to escape to safety. With the keypad to enter her dorm so close, she made a run for it and soon broke down in tears. “And then, I just put in the keypad really quick ’cause it was only four numbers. I shut the door, and then I started crying ’cause my members were there. I was like, ‘Someone followed me home!’

Who was the creepy man? After calling security and checking the CCTV footage, there was no way to find out his identity, mainly because of the hat that covered his head. There were two things they knew for sure: he didn’t live in the building and hadn’t been there before.

Although it must’ve been terrifying to experience, Ashley was able to get herself out of the situation safely. Listen to the frightening memory here.