Why People In Asia Are Suddenly Wearing A Duck On Their Head

The answer isn’t the same for everyone.

In Asia, there’s one trend that recently made a resurgence: wearing ducks on the head. Crowds of people are donning the cute yellow figure, but what’s the story behind the trend? Turns out there’s more than one possible reason!

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The people of Taiwan, for example, are celebrating the return of the iconic giant rubber duck to Kaohsiung City.

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The beloved figure was last seen on their shores ten years ago. They were warmly welcomed back in time for the Lunar New Year holiday. Tourists are happily wearing duck clips to commemorate the special occasion.

Likewise, in Binondo, Philippines, celebrations for the holiday became even brighter with the unique headpiece. Many Filipinos see it as a cute and lovable trend.

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But according to netizens, there’s a more serious story behind why they wear it. They say it was an act of defiance by Chinese Filipinos to the People’s Republic of China as the rubber ducks were seen as a symbol of Hong Kong. Like Taiwan, the giant rubber ducks used to be docked on Hong Kong’s harbor.

Whether it’s a symbolic act, a way to celebrate the Lunar New Year, or just a cute trend, there’s no mistaking the duck clips are making an impact across Asia.

| @OneBigFightMrWhite/Reddit
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