Asian Girls Are Slapping Then Kissing Their BFs In Latest Viral Trend

It’s violent and yet sweet at the same time.

An unusual new video challenge is taking the internet by storm and it may just be the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen!


This “hit and kiss” prank may seem a little violent at first but it’s actually really sweet! The girlfriends who take on the challenges must first slap their boyfriends then follow it up with a soothing kiss.


For many of the boyfriends the sudden attack comes as a complete shock. Then they receive their kiss and their faces light up.


The trend is a bit bewildering and you can only imagine what the boyfriend is thinking the moment their girlfriend slaps them out of the blue!

But they always seem happy for the sudden peck that follows!


While the girlfriends are the one’s to start off the prank, sometimes the boyfriend gets in on the action too.

One sweet kiss is followed by another.


Although most of these challenges go as planned, not all of them end the way the girlfriend was hoping.

Like this unsteady situation that led to a sudden fall after the smooch.


Regardless of if the prank went smoothly or not, these sweet and romantic moments are worth sharing.

I mean just look cute couple sharing their affection with the world!


There is no doubt that it really is an odd but adorable display of affection! Relive all the sweet smooches and a few new moments in the full video compilation of the “hit and kiss” challenge below!

Posted by Gamily Channel on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Now the only question is, when can we see more of these cute videos?