Asian Kids Talk With Their Parents About Sex

Things start to get awkward when these people have the sex talk with their parents for the first time.

NBC Asian America recently brought parents and their kids together to talk about sex. The young adults asked various questions about their parent’s sex life like: “How did you learn about sex?” or “How is your sex life?” As you might expect, this was an uncomfortable topic for many participants to discuss with their parents. The participants pushed through the questions, and we’re glad they did! There was a lot of awkward laughter, but these families got to learn something new about each other.

Check out what these parents had to say about sex below!

The Bridge: The Sex Talk

"This is the most we've ever talked about sex."Our newest series from the Jubilee brings parents and children together to talk about everything from family history to love: up on more videos at!

Posted by NBC Asian America on Monday, December 12, 2016