Asian Man Undergoes Ridiculous Plastic Surgery To Get Killer Abs

That’s one way to get abs…

A six pack is a tell-tale sign of an athletic lifestyle, but now it’s possible to get killer abs like SHINee‘s Minho under the knife instead of at the gym.


Abdominal Etching is a fairly recent cosmetic procedure that is similar to liposuction. It is used to remove fat in order to reshape and contour the abdominal region.


Unlike traditional liposuction, which removes all fat from the desired area, Abdominal Etching leaves a little bit of well-placed fat to add definition to the underlying ab muscles. In other words, it gives patients the six pack look.



This surgery was designed for busy people who don’t have time to go regularly to the gym, but it’s a complicated…


…and painful one…



…with long recovery times.


After healing from the surgery…


…this particular patient achieved the six pack he desired.



His results are astonishing…


..but many Korean netizens aren’t sure whether going through this costly, painful surgery would be worth it.


  • I would rather exercise …
  • It looks dangerous.
  • But if he doesn’t manage himself won’t he just built fat over it again? If you look at people with good bodies, the hard part is not having them, but maintaining them
  • He could have used that money to exercise.
. . .