This Viral Video About An Asian Man’s Parents Being “The Worst In The World” Will Bring You To Tears

All aboard this emotional rollercoaster!

You’ve probably thought your parents were “the worst in the world” at some point in time while growing up, but you also know that you’ll always love them with all your heart too. Well, one insurance company in Singapore has used those thoughts and feelings in an emotional rollercoaster of an ad that has touched many hearts online.


The video starts off with a groom beginning a speech at his wedding and the heart-stopping moment when he calls out his mother and father for being the worst parents in the world.


He goes on to give some examples of the times he felt left out growing up because of the decisions his parents made for him.


As he continues with his thoughts, you see bits and pieces of the wedding guests who seem shocked by his outburst…


But then things take a sudden turn.


He starts telling everyone why having the worst parents in the world was actually amazing and you’ll no longer want to cry because of the son’s heartbreaking words but because the moment changed to something incredibly touching.


From this point on, the son takes all the examples of his parents being “the worst parents in the world” and expresses exactly why he’s glad they did the things they did and you might just find yourself grinning from ear to ear.


While the video was produced by NTUC Income in partnership with BBH Singapore and was designed as an insurance ad, the story told through the ad is just so sweet and touching it’s almost like a mini-movie!


Netizens have also found the video to be beyond adorable. So far, the video has racked up over 2.2 million views since it was released 2 weeks ago! Check it out below to see why everyone is falling in love with it and why exactly it will hit you right in the feels.