ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Once Comforted Rookie Group CIIPHER, Showing His Caring Side

He’s the best role model.

In an episode of Master In The House, Rain played a prank on the MCs with one of the members of his rookie boy group, CIIPHER! This episode took place before the group had debuted, and they were scheduled to have an evaluation on their performance of their debut song, “I Like You.”

Behind the scenes, however, Rain and CIIPHER member Tan plotted a prank on the MCs: Tan would pretend to be nervous and mess up their performance, and Rain would pretend to scold him!

The two of them stepped out of the recording room and Tan splashed water on his face to make it seem as though he was crying.

When Tan re-entered, the atmosphere was tense: the MCs didn’t know they were being filmed, and were looking at the other group members and back at each other, trying to figure out what to do in such an awkward situation.

Quietly, Eunwoo approached the team of young idols.

Seeing Tan so stressed out reminded Eunwoo of his own rookie days, and offered the team some advice.

“I know you’re the most afraid right now, but this is the most nerve-racking situation you’ll ever be in,” he said, giving them hope that they will be able to take on such stressful situations easily in the future.

Just relax your minds and do it.


He then told them that he also used to make a lot of mistakes during evaluations.

“I also made a lot of mistakes during my evaluation,” he said. “Don’t be nervous.”

The fact that Eunwoo went out of his way to comfort the rookie group, thinking that the cameras were off, shows that he is truly caring and a great role model for younger groups to look up to!

Source: YouTube