ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo Reveals His Method To Relieving Stress

“It helps me to feel comfortable.”

Being an idol and actor as popular as ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo will, of course, lead to some very stressful times, so what is the best way to relieve it? Eunwoo answered that very question in his “W Cam Date” with W Korea.

ASTRO’s Eunwoo is clearly a huge star so his schedule must always be busy and stressful. For one, Eun Woo is a talented member of the amazing K-Pop group ASTRO!

And when he’s not busy being a popular idol, he’s on set acting in some of the biggest K-Dramas.

Not to mention he’s a cast member of a successful variety show Master In The House.

Luckily, Eun Woo revealed he has a method to relieving any stress that comes his way. Eun Woo shared his method of relieving stress is to simply talk to someone about them.

Q: How do you relieve your stress?

How do I relieve your stress? I just talk to people around me a lot. I tend to relieve stress by talking.

— Eunwoo

Eunwoo also shared tactics that comfort him during gloomy days.

Q: What comforts you when you’re sad and tired?

I think comfortable and ordinary stuff gives me energy. Rather than something too much, too big, I perfer something comfortable and cozy. Then it helps me to feel comfortable, too.

— Eunwoo

Check out the video below:


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