ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Met Senior K-Pop Idols — And Was Adorably Confused The Whole Time

“I’m too young!”

In an episode of Master In The House, ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo met two senior idols–but he had no idea who they were!

When he entered the set for the day, he was met with two senior idols: Lee Jihye from the 1998 group Sharp, and Solbi from the 2006 group Typhoon.

They introduced themselves enthusiastically, and Jihye said, “We’ve never met before, right? Even though he’s a fellow singer, from ASTRO.”

Eunwoo was surprised to hear that she was a singer, and when she asked him if he’d heard of Sharp, he thought she was asking if they went to the same hair shop (salon)!

Jihye and Solbi burst out laughing, realizing that he had no idea who she was talking about.

| Jihye telling him the group is called Sharp, not ‘hair shop.’

When it was Solbi’s turn to introduce herself, she was confident that he would know her group, Typhoon…

But he thought she was referring to an actual storm!

“You’re a storm?” he asked, causing Jihye to laugh out loud as Solbi looked baffled.

| Solbi, baffled by his answer. 

Jihye tried to ask if he knew Sharp again, but Solbi was done!

“Let’s stop trying,” she said.

Eunwoo apologized to them as they headed down to the studio but Jihye kept playfully pushing.

Eunwoo: I’m sorry I don’t know. I’m too young.

Jihye: I had a good impression of you. How could you not know Sharp?!

Later on, Jihye made a joke about her group which made the other MCs burst out into a fit of laughter.

However, Eunwoo was just sitting there and smiling politely, clearly confused as to what she was talking about!

Unfortunately for Eunwoo, one of the other ‘masters’ noticed and pointed it out.

“I have one question,” he said. “Euwoo, why didn’t you laugh?”

Solbi and Jihye were eager to tell everyone what had happened earlier!

“He doesn’t know Sharp!” said Solbi. “He misheard and said that he had gone to the hair shop.”

The MCs laughed lightheartedly, knowing that he was probably too young to remember the groups, but his embarrassed reaction was adorable!

You can watch the episode below!

Source: YouTube