ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Without Make-Up Somehow Looks Even Better Than Cha Eunwoo With Make-Up

Can’t remove the beauty from his face.

In a YouTube video uploaded to ASTRO‘s channel, Cha Eunwoo was spotted getting his make-up removed after shooting an episode of Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung.

Cha Eunwoo looked as gorgeous as ever, even with his hair pinned up in this silly style…

… and he managed to leave everyone breathless as he had his make-up cleansed away.

Cha Eunwoo, in his most natural self, is even more beautiful than Cha Eunwoo in stage make-up…

… which the fans didn’t think would be possible — but totally is!

Fans, satisfied with the happy ending and with Cha Eunwoo’s success as an idol-actor, couldn’t wait to see more of Cha Eunwoo both on the stage and on the screen, and they got it when he starred in True Beauty earlier this year.

Watch the full video here:

Source: Theqoo


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