ASTRO’s Eunwoo Lives Up To His Aroha Protector Nickname And Gives Fans Sweet Reminders

He makes sure to live up to his nickname!

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo held his regular live broadcast, Just One 10 Minutes. During the live broadcast, he interacted with Arohas and caught up with them. He also blessed every viewer’s heart when he sang a part of ASTRO’s latest fan song which was released to celebrate their 4th anniversary and as a way to thank their fans for all the support they’ve given.

While doing the broadcast, he took the opportunity and made sure to tell fans to be careful and to take care of themselves. He also told fans to drink lots of water because it’s good for their health. He said it in English making many hearts flutter, and at the same time showing his thoughtfulness to make sure international fans also understand that they should take care of their health, too.

He even made Arohas promise that they will follow him and take care of their health! In the same way, he also promised Arohas that he will take care of his health too, making sure his fans don’t have to worry about him!

He also reminded fans to keep warm and to wear masks when they go outside not once, but twice!

It’s a bit cold today, so wear warm clothes, and wear masks. #RohaProtector #IMissYou #Aroha

What are you doing today Rohas? Wear a mask again today, and take care of your health. #RohaProtector

The hashtag Eunwoo always used in his tweets, “#RohaProtector” really suits him because he makes sure he does his responsibility with that nickname, always making sure that Arohas are well protected and take care of themselves from anything that can harm them! Eunwoo is indeed the sweetest person ever!