ASTRO JinJin Recommended A Song For His Fans, They Were Horrified After Reading The Lyrics

Some people claim that the song is misogynistic.

ASTRO JinJin has recommended a song on a live broadcasting that fans are taking offensively.


The song he recommended was “Flower” by Nafla.


The lyrics went something like this:

Super sunglasses
Tight shorts
They go nicely with your Gangnam nose
You went up from B-class
To the top 10
Now that your standards have changed
Rather than oppas
Open up wide
For the expensive ahjussis
Fill your plate and restore your health
Benefits for each of you
So what can I say?
You feed the fish
Like it’s nothing
Intentions are clear
When guys buy you drinks
But seeing you enjoy it
I wanna stick it on you
Soybean paste


The song is themed around the word “soybean paste (된장)”, which fans have understood as a reference to the slang “soybean paste girl (된장녀)”.

“Soybean paste girl/boy (된장녀/된장남)” is a satirical expression for people who spend more money than they can afford on conspicuous luxuries. The term was created from the idea that these people will have a cheap meal (soybean paste stew) to buy an expensive cup of brand coffee.


Various parts throughout the song have offended female listeners who are convinced that the song is misogynistic.

The lyrics basically say that these women who get their nose job done in Gangnam become beautiful like a flower, sleep with many men and then get married and cook some soybean paste stew.


Fans have been confused as to how JinJin could recommend this song when he knows that most of his fans are women:

  • “What was he thinking recommending this song…?”
  • “If it’s a song that he’s recommending, he has to have heard the lyrics…This is really a big issue”
  • “Shock…”
  • “This makes me sad…I really like JinJin”


Apparently, fans have clarified that JinJin said the song was good, but he felt like it was a slap in the face when he heard the lyrics.

However, they were still displeased at the fact that he recommended the song even when he even admitted that the lyrics could be offensive.


Listen to Nafla’s “Flower” here:

Source: Instiz