ASTRO’s MJ Once Had A Guest Appearance On “Master In The House”–And Totally Embarrassed Eunwoo

We all need a friend like MJ to lighten the mood!

ASTRO‘s oldest member and main vocalist MJ had a guest appearance on Master In The House–and totally embarrassed Eunwoo!

In the episodes, all the MCs brought their best friend to a roller rink, so Eunwoo brought in MJ!

“We are in the same group, so even if we fight, we can’t stop being friends,” said Eunwoo when introducing him, eliciting a laugh from everyone present.

“It’s like a business relationship!” joked Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, who was guest-starring as well.

Eunwoo denied it, saying that it wasn’t like that, but MJ just took it in stride: “It’s an eternal friendship!”

Another MC then asked MJ if he knew that episode’s master, Uhm Jung Hwa, and her music, so he burst into song!

Dancing on roller skates, however, is not easy, no matter how talented you are on solid ground, so MJ was slipping and sliding as he danced.

“You are a hyper one!” commented MC Lee Sung Gi.

“I am quite hyper!” MJ agreed, before nearly slipping. He would’ve definitely fallen if Eunwoo wasn’t there to catch him!

“I never knew ASTRO had such a hyper member,” continued Sung Gi.

Eunwoo then had to tell everyone that MJ is ASTRO’s mood-maker.

“Is your voice always high-pitched, even in the morning?”

MJ wasn’t the slightest bit thrown off by the question.

“Yes, I am always quite hyper,” he explained enthusiastically, “So my voice is high-pitched.”

MC Yang Se Hyeong then exposed Eunwoo!

“It looks like Eunwoo is a little embarrassed!” he exclaimed.

MJ couldn’t believe it!

“Are you embarrassed of me?!” he asked loudly.

“I’m… A little bit embarrassed,” Eunwoo revealed shyly. “It’s too early to be doing this!”

MJ, of course, knew that Eunwoo was teasing, so he burst out laughing… And nearly fell over again!

“Stay still!” Eunwoo then told him sternly as he picked him up, making everyone laugh again.

“‘Stay still!'” Sung Gi repeated. “I’ve never heard him say that!”

MJ couldn’t stop laughing!

Sometimes, your best friends are the ones who embarrass you the most but you love them nevertheless, and that’s definitely the case with Eunwoo and MJ!

Source: YouTube