ASTRO MJ’s Hilarious Incident With His Birthday Cake Is Peak MJ Behavior

Better luck next time MJ!

ASTRO‘s MJ celebrated his birthday with AROHAs on V LIVE, and ran into some trouble with his cake.


First, he decided to cut a slice from the top of his heart-shaped cake, only to have the slice immediately fall off the box and onto the table.

His next attempt was to cut a slice off from the bottom of his cake. This time, he successfully plated it, only to have the entire slice fall off when he tilted his plate towards the camera for AROHA to see.

His last and final mistake was to show the entire middle portion of his cake to the camera by holding up the cake tray at nearly a 90 degree angle. MJ quickly got acquainted with gravity as the rest of his cake also fell.

Let’s just say MJ shouldn’t be in charge of handling cakes anytime soon.