ASTRO’s Moonbin And GFRIEND’s SinB Has Everyone Loving Their Friendship

There’s nothing like childhood friends.

Not only are ASTRO‘s Moonbin and GFRIEND‘s SinB top-tier dancers, but the two also share a close friendship that fans adore.

During the KBS Song Festival, or KBS Gayo Daechukje, the two showed a different side besides their playful bickering that made everyone love them even more.

Standing side by side with their special units 2B2U and 9800, many noticed the sweet way that Moonbin took extra care to pay attention to SinB as she read her lines. That wasn’t what had warmed fans’ hearts, though.

When MC TXT‘s Soobin read a funny line, both SinB and Moonbin had burst into laughter. While SinB had covered her face, Moonbin had nudged her as if they had an inside joke about it from rehearsal.

In fact, SinB laughed so hard that Moonbin couldn’t hide his bright smile as he patted her on the shoulder. Although the moment was a brief one, it had everyone loving just how close the two are.

Whenever the childhood friends get together, it’s always an amusing and heartwarming thing to see.

Watch SinB and Moonbin make everyone want to see even more of their longtime friendship here.