ASTRO’s Moonbin Revealing How Precious SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Is To Him Will Make You Cry

Moonbin’s heartfelt words touched Seungkwan.

Even though SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan and ASTRO‘s Moonbin is a well-known friendship, a segment of the 2020 KBS Song Festival, or KBS Gayo Daechukje, revealed just how deep their bond truly is.

Since Seungkwan and Moonbin couldn’t film together, the two connected through a phone call.

When asked what Seungkwan meant to him, Moonbin wasn’t quite ready but soon dived into what made them so close. “Something like… Someone I would like to tell my secrets to.

Seungkwan wasn’t just a friend who kept his secrets safe; Moonbin couldn’t wait to go to tell him everything. “If I have happy news, I want to share it with you.” The heartfelt words had Seungkwan nodding in agreement.

When Moonbin attempted to sum up why Seungkwan was so precious to him, he mentioned how strong their bond had been since they were kids. “Hmmm…how should I say this? My childhood friend.

Because Seungkwan and Moonbin have been friends for so long, they may not often express how much they appreciate each other.

Seeing a glimpse of just how much they care had fans in their feels—especially since it looked as if Seungkwan had teared up. Their friendship is truly precious.