ASTRO’s Moonbin Is Total Older Brother Vibes As He Monitors His Sister’s Dance Practice Video

We all need a brother like this.

In a recent V LIVE, ASTRO’s Moonbin talked a bit about his sister Moon Sua, who is a member of the upcoming girl group, Billlie. In this live broadcast, he received the question of, “Did you watch your sister’s dance video?” and watched the video again while giving out tips and pointers.

| 문빈 최고라서 달리는 계정/YouTube

While watching the dance practice video from Mystic Rookies, he points out certain aspects of her dance that she could improve on.

Since Sua has a small frame, she has to make big movements in order to see her movement well. But she has a good sense of rhythm, so she just needs to work on her lines and balance.

— Moonbin

From balance, hand movements, and strength, he continued to point out specific parts that needed work. Fans that were watching left messages saying that they were on Sua’s side.

| 문빈 최고라서 달리는 계정/YouTube

Reading this, Moonbin reassured them that this was just advice, not harsh critique. “Who’s side am I on? I’m also on Sua’s side!” Don’t know about you all, but all we see is a sweet brother looking out for his sister over here!

You can watch Sua dance in the dance practice video below!

Source: nate pann