ASTRO’s Rocky And JinJin Couldn’t Recognize Themselves In Pictures, And AROHA Can’t Stop Laughing

Wasn’t it obvious?

ASTRO recently aired the first episode of their new YouTube reality show ASTRO ZONE. During the series, the group will go on a well-deserved trip, but they would have to earn money for their vacation through a series of games.

For the first round, the members would be shown a series of people, and they had to guess the person’s name. The aim was for all members to identify the pictures in relay within the time limit, which was 60 seconds.

Yet, from the first picture, it definitely wasn’t going to be easy. MJ was the first member to have a shot, and he correctly identified the picture of a nose that belonged to maknae Sanha.

Although MJ started on a roll, the next picture seemed to confuse Rocky as the group was shown a baby picture of someone. Even the other members seemed as confused as Rocky upon seeing the picture.

After a few seconds, Rocky seemed to be confident in his answer, shouting that it was Eunwoo! Unfortunately, Eunwoo was very quick to deny it, knowing it wasn’t him!

With a wrong answer, they had to go back to the start, but it still left the question of who this person was. Eunwoo thought it looked like Rocky, but he seemed sure it wasn’t!

In the end, the staff pointed out that Eunwoo was right and the cute baby picture was actually Rocky, which made the entire group burst into laughter. Once they knew the answer, it seemed obvious, and Moonbin even added, “It’s so clear that it’s you!

ASTRO started again and, once again, they became stuck on the second picture, which was a close-up of a member’s ear. For some reason, Moonbin thought it might be Rocky or Sanha but had to pass because they couldn’t decide.

They chose to pass to save time but eventually failed to finish the round successfully. Even though the members lost, they still wanted to know who the mysterious picture of the ear belonged to!

The staff revealed that it was JinJin‘s ear and, like Rocky, he couldn’t believe that it was him!

Luckily, in the end, the group managed to win one of the games and earned themselves some money to spend on their trip. Yet, even fans couldn’t believe that the members couldn’t recognize themselves!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: ASTRO 아스트로