ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Called His Fans A Liar And Arohas Think It’s Cute

Eunwoo knows how to play along with his fans!

In one of his recent fan meetings, ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo called his fans a liar as a joke.

He played a quiz game wherein he needed to guess his lines from the characters he played in his dramas or what he previously said in an interview, and write down his answers on a whiteboard.

Whenever he wasn’t sure with his answers, he would ask Arohas if they knew the answer to the question, and the crowd always responded with a loud and clear “yes!”

A few questions asked, and a few honest answers from Arohas later, Eunwoo then second questioned his fans knowledge and why they know almost everything about him!

He then teased his fans and played along with them by calling them “liars!” He was doubting Arohas’ responses whenever they answered yes to his questions!

Arohas, however, found the way he called them “liars” very cute and endearing! Arohas just want to know a lot about Eunwoo because they love him a lot, and Eunwoo knows that for sure.