ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Reveals His Thoughts On The Group’s Comeback And Album “All Yours”

Their comeback is a hit!

Back on April 5, ASTRO made their highly anticipated comeback with their album All Yours. In light of their hit album, Cha Eunwoo sat down with Esquire Korea and shared his thoughts on the comeback.

Though the group had debuted their first sub-unit of Moonbin and Sanha, and also released a mini-album, In-Out, the group as a whole had not made a comeback since May of last year.


Since it has been a while since the group has made a comeback together, Eunwoo discussed his feelings on it all. While recording the album, Eunwoo shared he was filming a drama, True Beauty, at the time and was not in his best condition.

Q: You know your own voice the best. It must have been regretful that you knew how you might have sung more beautifully if you were in better condition.

But this happens every time we make a comeback with a new project. Maybe this disappointment comes from the thought that my present self, 24 years old and 25 years old, will never come back again. I want to show my fans my voice and what I’m doing now.

— Eunwoo

It was also mentioned how this comeback is not with an EP or a single, but a full-length album. Because of the long wait and high anticipation, Eunwoo revealed he was more worried about All Yours.

Q: It’s not an EP, it’s not a single, it’s a full-length album.

Yes. So I’m more concerned about it.

— Eunwoo

As mentioned before, Eunwoo himself has not been involved in a lot of musical activity in a while. Eunwoo shared it had been 10 months since the members besides Moonbin and Sanha have been in such activities.

Q: The album is not only the second full-length album but also a music activity that starts again for you in almost 10 months.

Yes, that’s right. Moonbin and Sanha did unit activities in the middle, but the other members haven’t in 10 months.

— Eunwoo

Because of the long pause on music-related activities, Eunwoo shared he was constantly thinking about the group’s comeback and preparing!

Q: I wonder what it feels like to comeback after a long time.

There are so many things I want to show both as ASTRO and as an individual. Im looking forward to it, and I’m also curious about the reactions of the fans. Perhaps because of such anticipation, If I have time during while filming a drama, I watch music shows. I look up videos of other teams’ stages. While watching that video, I thought about how we could perform on the stage when we make our comeback.

— Eunwoo

Though Eunwoo stated he often looks at music shows while filming dramas, he claimed he will do the same and watch dramas while promoting ASTRO’s music.

Q: You’ve been drawing even when you’re not doing music.

When ASTRO is active, I watch dramas from time to time. I want to try this character. I want to try that character.

— Eunwoo

| Esquire Korea

Since ASTRO’s comeback, the group has been nothing but successful and has been breaking personal records. They are killing it as always!

Source: Esquire Korea