ASTRO’s JinJin And PENTAGON’s Kino Reveal Their Favorite Songs From Their Respective Groups

What is your pick?

ASTRO‘s JinJin and PENTAGON‘s Kino recently shared their favorite song from the albums they have released with their groups!

On the second episode of DIVE Studios UNBOXING’ w/ ASTRO’s JINJIN and PENTAGON’s KINO!, JinJin and Kino were meant to recommend songs fitting the theme “My favorite song that I wish I only knew.”

JinJin wondered whether it was appropriate to recommend their own songs. Kino explained that, at first, all of his choices were PENTAGON songs, but he re-read the theme and changed his mind!

However, both members thought it would be wrong not to mention which of their own songs was their favorite.

Kino said that there were many songs he would like to recommend, but he specifically chose the song “Die For You” from the group’s 2020 album Universe: The Black Hall.

When explaining why, Kino pointed out that, even though it was a firm favorite of the group and fans, it isn’t a track that he normally recommends because he doesn’t think it suits other people’s tastes.

For Kino, this was a chance to promote a hidden gem from PENTAGON’s discography!

When it came to JinJin, he promoted a ballad from ASTRO called “Bloom” from their first full album, All Light, released in 2019.

For JinJin, “Bloom” was an important song for many reasons! The track was his songwriting debut, and because he was taking his first step with the podcast debut, it seemed appropriate to talk about it!

The song was produced by JinJin and fellow ASTRO member MJ. It holds a significant meaning to the group as well as their fans.

Although both songs are completely different, they are definitely worth a listen!

You can watch the whole podcast episode below!