ASTRO’s JinJin and PENTAGON’s Kino Review Their Special “IDOL” Stage

There is a lot of love!

In the latest episode of their DIVE Studios podcast, ASTRO’s JinJin and PENTAGON’s Kino looked back at their special stage of BTS’s “IDOL” they did on Mnet’s M Countdown in February.

The special stage features JinJin alongside fellow members Rocky and Sanha, Kino and PENTAGON member Wooseok, and VICTON’s Sejun and Subin.

Kino explained that, even though it would be embarrassing, the two would re-watch their performance, talk about what they did well, what they needed to improve, and some behind-the-scenes stories!

As soon as the video started, Kino couldn’t hide his love for the other idols, including ASTRO’s Sanha and VICTON’s Subin, who Kino has known since high school!

After the initial feelings of watching themselves on the screen, JinJin shared that Kino’s expression was really strong! Kino tried to brush off the compliment adding, “I learned it from you,” which showed the closeness between the two idols!

JinJin explained how difficult it was to practice together when there were so many different teams. While JinJin was talking, Kino got distracted by the video!

However, Kino pointed out how much fun they had, despite the initial difficulties in navigating the stage during a high-energy song with people they didn’t normally perform with.

He even added that, although he is usually seen as the “least funny” member of PENTAGON, everyone involved in the special stage laughed at his jokes.

In the previous episode, fans praised the duo for their effortless chemistry during the podcast. It was on show again, this time as Kino couldn’t help but praise JinJin throughout!

Not one to be singled out, JinJin couldn’t help but praise Kino for the subtle details he added into the performance, saying he “devoured the stage!

Although they only practiced as a full group twice, it was still an outstanding performance that received a lot of love from their fans!