ASTRO’s JinJin Reveals The K-Pop Job He Would Have If He Wasn’t An Idol

He wants a hands-on role!

In the latest DIVE Studios‘ UNBOXING episode, ASTRO‘s JinJin and PENTAGON‘s Kino returned to their trusted ice-breaker questions they have been using since the series started.

One of the questions was, “If you were working at Fantagio or Cube, which department do you want to work for?

Whereas Kino chose to work with Cube Entertainment‘s management department, JinJin wanted a more hands-on role at Fantagio as part of the talent development team!

The talent development team deals directly with trainees and helps future idols enhance their skills before debuting.

JinJin explained that they don’t have the opportunity to work with that team often, but he appreciates all their work!

When I think about when I was a trainee, I think I can show them the way, and I can train them more efficiently now.

— ASTRO’s JinJin

Kino pointed out that, now JinJin has more experience in the industry, he would be perfect for the role and help upcoming idols.

I think early education is always the most important thing.

— ASTRO’s JinJin

As ASTRO’s leader, JinJin has the talent and skills to help train the newest generation of K-Pop stars, and he would be the perfect mentor!

You can watch the whole segment below!