ASTRO’s JinJin Sends Heartfelt Message To Members For The Group’s 5th Anniversary

It was an emotional speech from ASTRO’s leader!

Astro recently celebrated their 5th anniversary as a group after they debuted in 2016.

In the first episode of DIVE Studios UNBOXING w/ ASTRO’s JINJIN & PENTAGON’s KINO, leader JinJin explained that the members had met up with each other and had a catch-up to celebrate! He also added that each person in the group sent a letter to the other members in a video!

JinJin then went on to say that there was something that he didn’t have a chance to say back then and took the podcast as an opportunity to say it!

He started by saying that even though his members always praise him for doing well as both an artist and leader, he wants to keep working hard to get better!

ASTRO is a group known for strong teamwork and special bonds between members. JinJin showcased this by thanking his members. He explained that he was able to get this far in his career because of them!

To finish, JinJin echoed many fan’s hopes that ASTRO will be around for a long, long time!

Although it was short, they were emotional words from JinJin. Pentagon‘s Kino added that there was always something meaningful about a leader’s message to his members!

Hopefully, the members watched this and saw how much JinJin appreciates them!

You can watch the full episode below!