ASTRO’s MJ Mixing Together “Signal” And “Love Shot” Had LOONA And Stray Kids In Tears

Chuu just couldn’t take what he’d created.

Stray KidsHan and Hyunjin joined BTOB‘s Ilhoon, LOONA‘s Chuu, and ASTRO‘s MJ on IQS, where they were tasked with quickly learning the choreography of two songs, one with their lower body and one with their upper body, and then combining them for a new twist.


When it was MJ’s turn, he completely failed at learning EXO‘s “Love Shot” with his lower body. He couldn’t get any of the movements in the short time given, causing Hyunjin and Chuu to laugh right from the start.

Things took a funnier turn as soon as he practiced TWICE‘s “Signal”. He’d added a new dance move, and it had Chuu laughing while she imitated it. When he combined both dances together though, chaos ensued.

Because his body moved strangely compared to what he was supposed to be doing, they couldn’t take it. Hyunjin burst into laughter along with Chuu, who clapped her hands together in excitement, and Han held a hand up to his mouth, trying not to react to ease MJ’s embarrassment.

Chuu even went as far as covering her eyes, trying to move away, and then screaming at MJ’s hilarious dancing.

MJ is extremely talented in variety, and he proved why. Check out his dancing that took all these idols by storm at 9:47.