ASTRO’s MJ Sang Into An Empty Mic Stand And You’ll Think He Had One Too Many

That’s MJ just being MJ.

ASTRO‘s Jinjin captured a moment of his group member doing something hilariously questionable.

MJ held a microphone stand covered in flowers as he belted out the words to a song. That doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, but there were a few things that were.

He sang the song off-pitch, which is unheard of for the main vocalist, and the microphone stand held no microphone. He could’ve easily been mistaken for someone who had a few drinks at noraebang (karaoke).

Even Jinjin had to ask Aroha why MJ was like this in his caption of the clip.

But MJ is known for his 4D personality, and he’s always playing around despite being the oldest. So, it’s safe to say there was probably no alcohol involved. That’s all just MJ.