ASTRO’s Moonbin Doesn’t Want His Members’ Affection

They sure love to tease each other!

K-Pop fans are always happy and excited whenever members of their favorite group express their love and affection for each other.

Different people express their love differently. Other people express it through kind words, maybe through hugs, sometimes through giving gifts, and maybe even showering their loved ones with kisses!

The members of ASTRO are one of those people who enjoy giving kisses to people who are precious to them.

However, member Moonbin may not be as fond of receiving it from the members as much as they like to give it to him.

Moonbin has always been captured with a silly face whenever his members give him a kiss, and it is the cutest expression ever!

This is just the members’ way of showing their love towards Moonbin, and as much as he isn’t very happy to be on the receiving end of the kisses, he just allows them to do so!