ASTRO’s Moonbin Brought Sexy Back… Literally!

Moonbin has blesed us.

ASTRO is set to have their comeback on November 20 with their 6th mini album Blue Flame.

The group recently released a short teaser to give Arohas a hint of what to expect for the upcoming music video and album release.

The boys looked really chic and elegant in their sleek outfits and hairstyles. The concept for this comeback further propelled the group’s transition from a cute boy group to a more mature and elegant concept.

In the video, member Moonbin‘s bare back was shown and Arohas completely lost it! Nobody saw that cut coming!

Arohas are now feeling a mix of emotions of both excited and scared for what’s to come in the full music video! We should all just prepare ourselves and our souls!

Watch the full teaser here: