ASTRO’s Sanha Reveals Why He Is Called The “Maknae On Top”

It is his charm!

In K-Pop, the concept of being a maknae means that you are the youngest member of the group. Despite his height, idol Sanha is actually the youngest member of ASTRO.

In the latest DIVE Studios‘ UNBOXING’ w/ ASTRO’s JINJIN and PENTAGON’s KINO, Sanha was asked whether he agreed that he is the best idol maknae. Without any hesitation, he answered straight away with a firm “yes.”

PENTAGON‘s Kino then asked how Sanha got the nickname “Maknae on top.”

Sanha started by saying that he is not only the maknae of ASTRO but is also the youngest out of his three brothers. With this much practice, he pointed out how fans love that he teases the older ASTRO members!

Sanha is known not only to tease his members but also has a very sharp and witty tongue. In particular, when Sanha has a chance to talk informally, he makes the most of the opportunity and has some fun with the rest of the group!

Another thing that Sanha believes cements his title of “Maknae on top” is that he never gets into any trouble!

However, even with all of this, the other members couldn’t deny that it was all part of Sanha’s charms and why he is such a loveable maknae!

You can watch the whole episode below!