The Growth In Sales Of ATEEZ’s Albums From Debut Until Now Is Nothing Short Of Breathtaking

They’ve gone from under 30k sales to over 700k sales in just 3 years.

There’s no denying that 2021 has been ATEEZ‘s most successful year to date. Between their appearance on Kingdom: Legendary War to their collaboration with huge artists such as Kim Jong Kook and Pentatonix to their albums continuously surpassing their past sales records, the eight-member group has been absolutely dominating this year!


Because of their success, it can be easy to forget where ATEEZ started: As a not very well-known rookie group from a fairly small company, KQ Entertainment, whose producer Eden has stated treated every album they released as if it was their last.

Now, only three years later, the group is about to embark on a completely sold-out world tour that will take them overseas to see their international fans that have come to love them so much! Here’s a look back at just how much ATEEZ’s album sales have progressively increased between their debut in 2018 until now.


Since ATEEZ debuted on October 24, 2018, they were only able to release one album during their first year in the business: TREASURE EP.1: All To Zero. With the title track “Pirate King” working as their debut single, the group started their career with huge promise.

While their debut EP only sold around 23.6k copies in 2018, as you’ll later see, it ends up making many more sales in the years to come as KQ Entertainment has restocked it for new fans to purchase!


2019 was the first of the next three incredibly busy and productive years for ATEEZ. They released four albums in 2019 — two Korean-language EPs, one full length studio album, and their first Japanese album — which is a ton of content for any group to produce, let alone rookies!

Their first album released in 2019 was TREASURE EP. 2: Zero To One, with the title track “Say My Name” (a certified bop still to this day), released on January 15.

In 2019, this album was an indicator of just how much ATEEZ’s popularity had grown in the first couple of months since their debut. It made around triple the number of sales as their debut album, with 69.9k sold in 2019 alone!

TREASURE EP.3: One To All came next, released on June 10 with the title song “Wave” (which ended up getting the group their very first music show win!). Once again, in just the few months since their last album came out, their sales skyrocketed once again with this EP making 144.2k sales in 2019!

Nearing the end of 2019, ATEEZ released their first full-length album, TREASURE EP.Fin: All To Action, on October 8. With one of their still biggest hits to this day, “Wonderland”, serving as the title track, this album made 165.5k sales in 2019 alone.

Finally in 2019, ATEEZ came out with their first Japanese album, the full-length Treasure EP.Extra: Shift the Map. According to Oricon, this album made 13.1k sales in 2019, which is a pretty good number for a rookie group’s first Japanese album!

On top of all of this, their 2018 debut album, TREASURE EP.1: All To Zero, also made 34.3k more sales in 2019, bringing the total to about 57.9k total sales.


Despite the pandemic that began in 2020, the year was still another busy one for ATEEZ! They started off the year strong with the last part in their TREASURE series, TREASURE Epilogue: Action To Answer, which was released on January 6.

With the enchanting and beautiful song “Answer” as the title track, this beautiful end to an incredible album series sold 179.8k copies in 2020, becoming their best-selling one yet!

They also released a Japanese version of the end of the TREASURE series that year: Treasure EP. Map to Answer, which came out just a month later on February 12. It, too, became their best-selling Japanese album, making just under 19k total sales!

Later in 2020, they released one more album, and the beginning of their latest FEVER series: ZERO: FEVER Part. 1. With the double title tracks “Inception” and “THANXX”, this phenomenal start to a new era completely annihilated their past sales record, making 379.1k sales during the rest of 2020!

Along with their new albums, their previous albums made more sales in 2020 as well: TREASURE EP.1: All To Zero sold 30.1k more copies; TREASURE EP.2: Zero To One sold 30.2k more copies; TREASURE EP.3: One To All sold 35.8k more copies; and TREASURE EP.Fin: All To Action sold 44.1k more copies!


And finally, we reach 2021, the current year and ATEEZ’s most successful year yet. They’ve released more content this year than ever before, which is saying a lot, given how busy they’ve been sincer their debut!

They started out the year with the second part in their FEVER series, ZERO: FEVER Part. 2, released on March 1. With the explosive lead single “Fireworks (I’m The One)”, this part was even more successful than the first, selling 514.5k copies this year!

Later that same month, on March 24, they released their second full-length Japanese album, Into the A to Z. According to Oricon, this album made around 13.7k sales, less than their last Japanese album, but it was only the beginning of their Japanese releases this year!

Up next came Dreamers, with a title song of the same name that also became the ending theme song for the popular anime Digimon Adventure. This album, released on July 28, became their best-selling Japanese album by a large margin, with 38.6k sales made since then!

Next, on September 13, ATEEZ released what would be their best-selling album so far: ZERO: FEVER Part. 3. With “Deja Vu” and “Eternal Sunshine” working as the title songs on the album, this EP is not only ATEEZ’s best-selling to date with a whopping 732.9k sales, but also the fourth generation K-Pop album with the second-most sales in the first week of release!

Finally, just a few days ago on December 10, ATEEZ gifted fans with yet another album to wrap up 2021: ZERO: FEVER Epilogue, the end to the FEVER saga. In the past three days alone, the album has already reached 243.2k sales, and that number should continue to go up the longer that the album has been released.

All of their previously released Korean-language albums sold tens of thousands of more copies in 2021 as well: TREASURE EP.1: All To Zero sold 20.1k more units, bringing its total to 108.1k sales; TREASURE EP.2: Zero To One made 28.1k more sales, bringing its total to 128.k; TREASURE EP.3: One To All made 34.0k more sales, bringing its total to 214.1k; TREASURE EP.Fin: All To Action made 39.0k sales, bringing its total to 248.6k; TREASURE Epilogue: Action To Answer made 28.3k more sales, bringing its total to 208.1k; and finally, ZERO: FEVER Part.1 made 30.0k more sales, bringing its total to 409.1k.


Congratulations to ATEEZ for continuing to surpass their own records, and we can’t wait to see them hit that 1 million sales mark for a single album!

Source: Korean Sales Twitter