ATEEZ Reveals The Touching Reason They Chose To Perform “Answer” On Mnet’s “Kingdom”

It was a performance full of love!

On the recent episode of Mnet‘s Kingdom, ATEEZ performed a new rendition of their 2020 track “Answer” with group LA POEM for the “No Limit” round.

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Ahead of the performance, the group spent some time in their dorm trying to think of which song they wanted to perform. It seemed like an easy choice for the members to pick their track “Answer.”

For the group, it was meaningful because it was the encore on their last concert before COVID-19 restrictions were put in place and the last time they saw their fans, ATINY, in person.

After Wooyoung pointed out that fans wanted to see them perform “Answer,” leader Hongjoong announced that this stage would be for them!

For our fans who have been waiting for us since then, and our fans who are watching us through Kingdom, I think it would be good to have the stage for our fans.

— Hongjoong

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After the song was picked, it seemed as if nothing mattered more to the members than putting on a performance that ATINY would love.

If ATINY likes our stage, that’s enough for us. So, I just hope that they can enjoy our stage.

— San

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While practicing for the performance, Seonghwa pointed out that their concert memories with ATINY helped them prepare. 

On that spot, ATEEZ, with eight members, and ATINY smiled and cried together. We have those kind of memories. While we were practicing over there, ‘Ah, we should show an even better stage to our ATINY.’

— Seonghwa

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As always, ATEEZ showed just how much they love ATINY. Their performance was clean, passionate and showcased their talent amazingly.

You can watch the full performance below.

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