Here’s How ATEEZ’s “Answer” Pays Tribute To Their Past And Hints At Their Future

ATEEZ encourages ATINY to “Answer” the call of a changing era!

Rookie group ATEEZ recently released their latest album, Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer, which marked the end of their Treasure era but hinted at what will be coming next. In their visually stunning music video, “Answer”, the members conclude their musical career so far since debut with nods to past music videos as well as their time before ATEEZ was formed, all while a victorious and triumphant undertone carries the song forward.

The group had a stellar year in 2019, with their latest album marking their fifth since debut – which was only 15 months ago. While ATEEZ hasn’t yet captured the attention of Korean audiences, their international fanbase has exploded over the last year, and the group is looking forward to their second international tour in the spring, where ATINY will get to experience ATEEZ’s journey firsthand.

The group debuted on October 24, 2018, with the desert-themed hit “Pirate King”. “Answer” recalls this time with a direct mention of the debut song – “The desert with nothing, we started there” – noting both the literal setting of the “Pirate King” music video as well as how they actually started: With nothing but hopes and dreams to spur them forward.

The music video also shows the members alone at times – such as Mingi floating solo on a small boat – to signify that they were alone before ATEEZ’s conception. However, the choreography – a visual and physical representation of breaking free and uniting – as well as the symbolic metaphor of eight blue butterflies coming together show how the group has come together and evolved as one.

The members are also met with their former “HALA HALA” selves in the music video, a darker song that expressed their self-doubt at the time. Rather than confronting these “darker” selves antagonistically like they did in “Say My Name”, however, they meet each other with a peaceful toast – a visually enticing end to a bleaker era and a promise for brighter days ahead.

The song concludes triumphantly, with ATEEZ asking their fans,”Can you see us?/The burning eyes and our loud shoutings reaching across the world”. The members promise to move forward with a bold new direction, though the mysterious figure at the end of the music video hints at something sinister as well.