ATEEZ’s Choreographer Anze Skrube Spills On Their True Personalities

He also explains how they became so successful so quickly.

In a recent interview with STEEZY, a YouTube channel that has lately focused on a lot of different K-Pop dances, one of ATEEZ‘s choreographers, Anze Skrube, talked about what it was like to work with the talented group.

Clay Boonthanakit and Anze Skrube | STEEZY/YouTube

At the beginning of the interview, Anze Skrube explains that he’s very familiar with K-Pop as he’s choreographed for GOT7, Stray Kids, Block B, ATEEZ, and more.

GOT7 | @M2MPD/Twitter
Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids_JP/Twitter
Block B

While watching the dance practice videos for “WONDERLAND” and “Say My Name,” which he choreographed, Anze Skrube not only compliments ATEEZ’s incredible dance abilities but focuses on what incredible people they are.

As a group, Anze Skrube explains that ATEEZ has achieved so much success because of their immense dedication to their craft.

Honestly, these boys they’re the hardest workers. They just go for twelve hours a day. That’s how they got to the top so fast.

-Anze Skrube


ATEEZ | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

And as someone who has worked closely with the members, Anze Skrube also reveals what the members are actually like in real life.

Anze Skrube first shares that Mingi is a “saucy” dancer.

So this is another rapper of the group, Mingi. He’s saucy, you know? He’s just one of those boys that has the style and power as well.

-Anze Skrube

And mentions that he really admires Mingi’s fashion sense.

[Mingi] is always dressed in style. Look at his kicks, his hair… He’s just fresh, you know?

-Anze Skrube

Mingi | @WdwlArtlab/Twitter

Then Anze Skrube talks about Yunho, saying that his actual personality is very different from the character he portrays while dancing.

That’s my boy Yunho. He’s definitely a character. Obviously you see he’s very powerful as a dancer, but he’s also funny, man. Big big big personality.

-Anze Skrube

Yunho | @WdwlArtlab/Twitter

Anze Skrube also spills on Hongjoong‘s confident energy, which is especially evident when he’s performing.

He’s going to give you that superstar energy. Even when he talks in Korean I’m like, ‘I want to be like you, man.’ This dude just moves cool, he talks cool, he dresses cool…

-Anze Skrube

Hongjoong | @WdwlArtlab/Twitter

Fans can hope to hear more stories about ATEEZ from Anze Skrube in the future.

Source: STEEZY

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