ATEEZ Believes That K-Pop Will Transform From A Trend To A “Cultural Movement”

ATEEZ have spoken!

ATEEZ recently sat down with Rolling Stone India and discussed the impact of K-Pop internationally. Hongjoong thanked their senior groups for paving the way for 3rd Generation groups like themselves, and also said that he thinks the Hallyu wave will spread far beyond their wildest dreams.

Worldwide right now K-pop is kind of a trend, but let’s say we don’t stop from here and K-pop goes forward… I feel it will be more of a cultural movement down the line


K-Pop is definitely a worldwide trend at the moment and more groups than ever jumping into the international market. For millions of fans worldwide, K-Pop has become a gateway to interest in and appreciation of Korean culture itself. If K-Pop continues to gain traction worldwide, ATEEZ and their fellow 3rd Generation groups may be at the forefront of a whole new, bigger hallyu wave in the near future.

ATEEZ just wrapped up their performance at KCON NY and look forward to bringing that performance to the west coast for KCON LA in August.