Even ATEEZ’s Concert Security Guards Can’t Get Enough Of Them

One security guard even looked up “The Ride” on YouTube!

Everyone that’s attended a concert has wondered how security guards can be so chill when a huge artist is performing right behind them. While usually, guards are firm and serious, it seems like ATEEZ concerts are so exciting security staff can’t help but join in on the fun!

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

From giving in and dancing to their powerful dance music, to often visibly finding the group’s members as cute as we do they just can’t seem to keep still whenever ATEEZ gets on stage. One good example was when this security guard started dancing super hard to an ATEEZ music video playing on one of the monitors.

Or when a fan gave one of the guards a Hongjoong banner and he proudly held it up!

Someone was even able to record one of the security staff’s journey of becoming an ATINY during the concert. At first, the man was slightly bopping to the music and later cheering along with the fans. Near the end, he had the group’s lightstick “Lightiny” in hand while dancing and hyping up the surrounding fans.

One of the guards at ATEEZ’s stop in Newark loved their performance of “The Real” so much, he even asked the fans for the name of the song and looked it up on YouTube!

Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam became a fan-favorite venue after one of their security guards went viral among ATINYs for being enamored by Mingi. In the clip that accumulated over 77,500 views on Twitter, the staff can be seen looking at Mingi saying hi to fans and smiling widely at his cute behavior.

Likewise, during the group’s stop in Chicago, it was Hongjoong’s time to mesmerize one of the guards. The security staff member kept glancing back at him as the ATEEZ star walked past him, something we can all relate to.

We can’t wait to see more ATEEZ concerts happen for many reasons, but witnessing these adorable and hilarious security guard reactions is definitely up there at the top!