This Is What ATEEZ’s Dorm Looks Like — And ATINYs Think Seonghwa May Have Something To Do With It

“Seonghwa doing God’s work.”

Fans on social media have been impressed with the noticeably clean and neat state of ATEEZ‘s dorm. From their nice living room to their enviable kitchen, ATEEZ’s living quarters look really well taken care of—and ATINYs naturally suspect it’s all thanks to ATEEZ’s eldest member, Seonghwa.

Several of the members are known to be decently organized, but the members themselves have unanimously agreed in the past that Seonghwa is the neatest of them all, even joking that cleaning is his hobby. It was the subject of a hilarious conversation on Weekly Idol in which Seonghwa revealed his now famous method for cleaning the floor: use a lint roller first, vacuum second, wipe with a wet tissue, and then go over it with a lint roller once again.

ATEEZ on Weekly Idol Ep. 429 | ALL THE K-POP/YouTube

After learning of Seonghwa’s meticulous cleaning method, fans would have been naturally curious to see ATEEZ’s living space. Thankfully, we got a glimpse of ATEEZ’s dorm through variety shows such as Kingdom: Legendary War, and it’s impossible not to notice how good the place looks.

| /Mnet via @standardhwa/Twitter

The apartment looks well swept and polished (unsurprisingly, perhaps)…

| @standardhwa/Twitter

…while Seonghwa’s shelf is naturally very neatly organized.

| @standardhwa/Twitter

The kitchen, however, may just be the show-stealer. Everything looks extremely clean and organized while still looking homey!

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Of course, Seonghwa couldn’t not be mentioned in connection to this impressive neatness…

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He is definitively the primary suspect when it comes to explaining why ATEEZ’s rooms look so clean.

However, it does take more than one person to keep a place that neat, so it’s safe to say that the other members clearly contribute a good amount of effort! Except, perhaps, for Hongjoong, who hilariously admitted himself that Seonghwa does most of the cleaning in their shared room.


All in all, it looks like the members of ATEEZ take great care of their living space! And it is very likely that Seonghwa has a lot to do with that. For now, let’s just say that kitchen is not half bad! Check out more pictures and comments on the Twitter thread below.