ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Calls His Mom, But She Was Eager To Talk To Another Member

Hongjoong’s mom has another member on her mind.

ATEEZ is currently promoting their ninth mini-album, The World EP.1: Movement.

(Top row, from left to right) ATEEZ’s Mingi, Yeosang, Jongho, and Yunho (Bottom row, from left to right) Seonghwa, San, Wooyoung, and Hongjoong | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

They’ve been wowing fans with their high-energy “GUERILLA” performances, and they recently acquired their sixth music show trophy for the song.

ATEEZ’s Seonghwa with the group’s “Music Bank” trophy | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

The group took ATINYs behind the scenes of the first week of their “GUERRILLA” promotions, detailing their excitement to be able to properly greet fans at a music show for the first time since their “Answer” promotions in early 2020.

ATEEZ’s Yeosang and Jongho revealed that 300 fans had been waiting to see the group’s performance since 4 AM that particular day. They promised to repay their fans for their dedication and support by giving an incredible performance.

The next scene in the vlog proved they lived up to that promise as the members were drenched in sweat after filming their pre-recorded performance for Music Bank. Member San remarked that he had nearly sweated all of his makeup off. 

When they weren’t busy performing, they made time to have fun backstage. San and Mingi did the iconic friendship greeting from Extraordinary Attorney Woo, showing they’re keeping up with the current trends.

Seonghwa, wearing a leopard print shirt, wittily declared he was going to “eat up the whole stage” and that his outfit was a “tiger vampire” concept, which left Wooyoung speechless.

Yeosang had a different explanation when speaking with leader Hongjoong about the group’s leopard print accents on their outfits. Yeosang hilariously said it was to represent wilderness and “unpolished beauty.”

They kept up their fun and chaotic energy during the second week of their music show promotions. Backstage at Inkigayo, the members were treated to Baskin-Robbins ice cream. Wooyoung exposed Yeosang for taking his cherries jubilee ice cream, leaving him with a cotton candy flavor instead.

Yeosang enjoyed his ice cream from across the room as Wooyoung accepted he wasn’t going to have his beloved cherries jubilee flavor.

Wooyoung shared that Hongjoong and Seonghwa both loved the rainbow sherbet flavor, and Hongjoong sweetly revealed it was because rainbow sherbet is his mom’s favorite flavor.

Reminded of his mom, Hongjoong began to call her while Wooyoung jokingly tried to stop him, reasoning that Hongjoong had called his mom for the same reason at a different time.

When Hongjoong’s mom answered the phone, Wooyoung quickly took over the conversation, endearingly calling her “mom” as well.

Wooyoung excitedly asked Hongjoong’s mom to watch their music show performance, to which she replied, “I’m going to watch my dear Wooyoung.”

When Wooyoung informed her that Hongjoong would be the ending fairy during their performance that day, the leader’s mom hilariously replied, “no, I think it’s Wooyoung for me.

Ending the call, they both said I love you while leaving Hongjoong out, causing him to ask if his mom was going to say goodbye to him too. When the call ended, Hongjoong hilariously told Wooyoung to “watch his behavior.”

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