ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Got Jealous Over Seonghwa’s New Idol Friendships And It Was Adorable

When Hongjoong found out about Seonghwa’s friendship with these idols, he was really jealous!

Seonghwa is known as one of the quieter, more sensitive members of ATEEZ. Yet, a hilarious segment in the variety show Weekly Idol revealed that Seonghwa has been making new friends with other idols — something that Hongjoong did not seem too happy to hear.

The segment was all about answering fans’ most burning questions, and the question directed at Seonghwa and Hongjoong was: “Seonghwa and Hongjoong, were you ever disappointed in each other?” Since the two members are known to be really close friends, this prompted the hosts to jokingly ask, “Seonghwa and Hongjoong, do you really not have any other friends?

ATEEZ | 1stonkpop/Youtube

The other members stepped in, with San claiming that, in fact, Seonghwa had become more social lately!

The interest of the hosts was roused, but when they asked who his new friends were, a bashful Seonghwa was unsure about whether he was allowed to say their names, proving how polite and considerate he is.

He then — with a lot of hesitancy — revealed that he’s now good friends with Juyeon of THE BOYZ and Lee Know of Stray Kids. Much to fans’ amusement, Hongjoong seemed less than excited to hear the news.

Hongjoong must have regretted saying anything because as soon as he complained, both the hosts and the members excitedly teased him about being jealous!

They were then asked to hold hands and resolve their issues, which everyone took as a golden opportunity to tease them.

Hongjoong did not hold back, making his feelings clear about Seonghwa’s newfound friendships, much to the delight of the hosts and their fellow members.

Seonghwa attempted to justify himself, but the others laughed, telling him that he did not need to make excuses, while Hongjoong resolutely stood his ground.

However, Seonghwa did not let things end there. He point-blank asked Hongjoong whose approval he thought Seonghwa cared about the most, which sent the room into chaos…

…and led to this priceless reaction from San.

Seonghwa explained that he cares most about the approval of the ATEEZ members, so his greatest complaint about Hongjoong is that Hongjoong never compliments him but does compliment the others. Ultimately, they resolved their ‘issues’ and Seonghwa even jokingly agreed to be more considerate of Hongjoong’s feelings regarding his friendships with other people, cringing as he was mercilessly teased for it by the members and the hosts.

All in all, the ‘argument’ had a happy ending, with a satisfied Hongjoong and an embarrassed Seonghwa!