ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Is The King Of Undercuts And Ponytails, And Here Is Proof

There’s no style he can’t pull off.

ATEEZ has been treating fans to teasers now that their comeback, The World EP.1: Movement has been announced for July 29!

One of their teasers in particular, which was released earlier today, has ATINYs going wild for a variety of relatable reasons — perhaps most noticeably, Hongjoong‘s unique hair (and San‘s mullet and Mingi‘s dark blue hair as well!).

Concept photo for ATEEZ’s upcoming comeback | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Fans had already fawned over the ATEEZ leader’s hair when he’d first dyed it into the split black and white that he has in the concept photo, and they’re loving it even more in the ponytail!

The look has fans reminiscing about other times Hongjoong has beautifully worn a ponytail. From a tiny sprout to a more punk style, ATEEZ’s captain has made the ponytail look perfect for a variety of concepts, making him the king of such a style.


The subject of Hongjoong’s hair has people talking about the many times he has made an undercut look incredible as well!

He’s had a number of different colors and hair lengths for the undercut look, and has stunned in all of them.

Slits in his eyebrow make it look even edgier!

And sometimes, he has a combination of both undercut and ponytail, which is a killer pairing, especially with some fun accessories.

These are just a few of the countless hairstyles that Hongjoong has had and looked amazing in!