ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Reveals the Relationship of Their Three Albums And How They Connect in the ATEEZ Universe

Two universes, connected by a vehicle that ATEEZ can travel in.

In their Showterview With Sunmi appearance, ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong explains in detail the fascinating world of the ATEEZ Universe through the connection of their three album series.

“Treasure” was their first album series containing “Pirate King,” their debut song. In this album series, ATEEZ went on their first voyage to seek for treasure. Under this series are “Treasure EP. 1: All To Zero,” “Treasure EP. 2: Zero To One,” “Treasure EP. Fin: All To Action,” and the last installment, “Treasure EP. Epilogue: Action To Answer.”

“Pirate Kings” MV, ATEEZ’s debut song from the “Treasure” Series | KQ Entertainment/Youtube

The “Fever” Series came after “Treasure,” but was actually a prequel to ATEEZ’s “Treasure” era. “Fever” covers the phase before the boys were part of ATEEZ, when they were still filled with concerns. This series covers “Zero Fever: Part One,” “Zero Fever: Part Two,” “Zero Fever: Part Three,” and “Zero: Fever Epilogue.”

The “Treasure” and “Fever” series comprise Universe A.

“Inception” MV, the lead single that kicked off the “Fever” series | KQ Entertainment/Youtube

Their latest series, “The World EP.1: Movement,” contains their lead single, “Guerilla,” and is the beginning of Universe Z. Here, the alter ego or opposites of ATEEZ, the Halateez, are introduced in the “Guerilla” MV.

“Guerilla” MV, the lead single of “The World EP 1: Movement” | KQ Entertainment/Youtube

ATEEZ can travel to Universe A and Universe Z through a vehicle they call a Cromer (sandglass). The Cromer connects the two universes. What kind of travels will this be and what will happen during these travels?

| Mobidic/Youtube

Sunmi was so fascinated with the whole concept of the ATEEZ Universe that she wanted to binge-watch their MVs.

It will be exciting to see how Universe Z will further unfold. Will the next songs be dark like “Guerilla?” Let’s all wait and see.

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