ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Thanks Senior K-Pop Idol Groups Who Have Paved The Way

They are taking things one at a time.

ATEEZ has upgraded as a group after taking on two large-scale world tours last year. Recently, they interviewed in Seoul and shared their feelings about going on tour.

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After the pandemic, ATEEZ held a world tour in the first half of last year, which started in Seoul and continued to different countries for about seven months. Then, in the second half of 2022, they continued with the world tour and met with even more fans around the globe.

Hongjoong commented, “With two tours, I met 430,000 fans in less than a year and a half. After the pandemic, we missed being on stage, and it was a great opportunity to go on tour and interact with fans. While on tour, I thought, ‘I want to do more of this. I need to prepare more.’ I learned quite a lot while on tour.”

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Yeosang continued, “I truly thank everyone who loved ATEEZ’s music and performances and feel a great sense of responsibility. I will repay the support with even better music and performances.”

When asked about the most memorable stage, San replied, “The Paris concert was the most memorable. Fans cheer for each performance in their own way, but I felt something when they did the foot chant. I thought I could feel the trembling on stage too. I could feel the thrill and shock of it all and it made me realize this was why I perform.”

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Since their debut in 2018, ATEEZ has captivated global fans with its solid skills and unique team color, and has established itself as a representative K-Pop group with steady global growth.

When asked about the secret to the group’s popularity, Seonghwa commented, “It’s embarrassing to say it’s a secret, but one thing I can say confidently is sincerity.”

While holding large-scale world tours and meeting K-Pop fans worldwide, the group must feel responsibility as K-Pop representatives. Hearing this, Wooyoung stated, “I’m really grateful to hear that we read the representative of K-Pop. As much as fans are waiting and cheering for us, I should become an artist they can be proud of.”

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Hongjoong continued, “Other senior groups, especially BTS, achieved good results and created this environment for us. That is how all this is possible, so I think we still aren’t enough to receive the title of ‘representative.’ We want to play our part so that other colleagues and we can show a good image on the world stage. Like the tour, we want to show a good side of ourselves one by one and achieve good results so that in time, ATEEZ can be known as a group that contributed to further growing K-Pop.”

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