ATEEZ Hongjoong’s Treatment Of KQ Fellaz 2’s Minjae Showcases His True Personality

Hongjoong best leader AND best sunbae!

KQ Entertainment has been building up the hype for their current roster of trainees and has introduced them officially as KQ Fellaz 2! KQ Fellaz 2 are presumed to debut as the younger brother group of ATEEZ and have been introduced individually with teaser photos and information about each trainee.

ATEEZ have naturally fallen into the role of sunbae to the group, taking time out of their busy schedule while in LA to personally visit the group and offer words of advice in the second episode of Ready To One #Fellaz. KQ Fellaz 2 were starstruck and nervous but took the advice seriously and appreciated the words of encouragement from the group.

During one portion of the episode, both groups begin to discuss what track KQ Fellaz 2 should choose for their next music video project. When ATEEZ reveal that is the reason for their visit and ask to hear the tracks, KQ Fellaz 2’s Minjae admits that they would like to follow in the group’s footsteps by releasing a self-produced and composed song.

KQ Fellaz’s Minjae

Before their debut as ATEEZ, the group (known then as KQ Fellaz) released “From” as part of the finale of their web series.

Minjae also reveals that several times throughout his career as a trainee, he approached Hongjoong to ask him to listen to some of his self-composed songs and received feedback in spite of his busy schedule, exposing his true personality as a thoughtful sunbae!

Hongjoong confirms this and says that Minjae is good at song-making, something that Yunho says Hongjoong previously shared with him.

After getting over his initial embarrassment, Minjae plays the three song possibilities for them. When he plays the second option, a song tentatively titled “Geek”, San enthusiastically exclaims that it is a KQ style song. The group agrees that that is the song they should choose, and Hongjoong offers to let EDEN, ATEEZ’s producer, know that Minjae may be approaching him for any assistance he might need for the song.

Minjae reveals that he was secretly hoping for this and that he cannot believe it happened just like that. Hongjoong’s caring and thoughtful nature made what could have been a bit of an awkward and nerve-wracking experience easy and proved why his true personality is that of a kind and thoughtful person!

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